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F. A. Q. Section (Frequently Ask Questions)

Frequently Ask Questions About our Stock Tips Services

We have provided answers to your questions that would come up in your mind, when you start trading in our Stock tip services. We suggest day traders to remain calm and relax, and just follow our sms. Our Expert team has a great experience in providing tips, track nse market every second. They use Latest softwares for reading charts and have access to company fundamentals too.

Do you Give Free Trial of Your Stock tips services ?

Yes, We give two days free trial of our Stock tips services. You can trade in this free trial and Earn Money.

What is Accuracy of your Stock Tips Services ?

Our Accuracy of our Share tips services is up to 80 to 85%.

Do You update your Past Performance Records on your Site, How can we check the same ?

We update our Past Performance Daily in our Website. You can visit our Past Performance Section and View our Stock tips performance Since 2006.

How much Capital is Required to Trade in your Services ?

You can start trading with a Capital of 10,000 in our Tips. But to Trade with Qty that we Specify in our Calls, You Should have Capital of 1.5 Lakhs with 5-7 Times margin.

Do Your Also Provide Stock Broking Services our Suggest a Broking Company, were we can open our Demat cum trading Account ?

No, We Don't Provide Stock Broking Services, nor we recommend and Broking Company. You talk to the available Broking Houses in your area locally, choose the best one suitable to your trading pattern and then take there services.

How many Tips to you provide in a Day ?

We Normally Provide 4-5 Calls in a Day that includes our Intraday Cash Call, F&o Call, Jackpot Call, Sure Shot Call, BTST / STBT Call etc.

What are your Charges and Payment Options for the Stock tips services & Do you Accept Part Payments ?

We Service Charges for Two Week is Rs 7100/-, One Month Rs 9,100, Three Month Rs 20,100/- Six Month Rs 35,100/-. You can make NEFT, Cheque Deposits, Cash Deposits in our any of our Current A/c Held in India's Top Bank like SBI Bank, ICICI, HDFC Bank, IDBI Bank & AXIS Bank. You can also make payment by Credit Card, Debit Card and Online Banking via our Payment Gateway. We don't accepts part payment of our Service Charges.

Can We change our Mobile number once we subscribe your services ?

Yes, You can change your mobile number, if you are getting any problem receiving share tips on your mobile.

Do We have to Trade in your all calls ?

Yes, We recommend you to trade in our all calls, if you want to earn the profit that we show on the website. Still if you want to trade in the calls that you like, you can trade the same.

What is Member Login area for Paid Members.

When you become our paid member, you will get member login id and pwd. You have to login to our Member Login section using the id and pwd. We update lot of market information, that will give you idea about how the market will behave during the day. We also have live automated section, where you will get our calls that you receive via sms.

Still If you have any query, Please feel free to contact us

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