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Making Money in Day Trading

What is Day Trading and How it is Best Trading in Nse Market

There are different type of money making ideas in the world. Intraday Trading in Stock Market is one of the them, where person can make lot of money in short time. Intraday trading is buying and selling shares on same day to Make Money. Mr Deepak Kumar buys 100 Reliance @ 900 at 09:10 and sells 100 shares @ 932. As Mr. Deepak Kumar has brought 100 share and also sold off the same shares on same day. This is called Intraday Trading in Nse Market. Mr. Deepak Kumar can also Sell First i.e Short Sell Reliance and then Buy the Same Qty of Shares to make Profit. This Strategy can be applied in Falling market, or when a intraday traders is sure that market is going to come down during the day.

Intraday Trading A Money Making machine

Intraday Trading also called as Day trading is very tough if you are novice trader. if have great experience in intraday trading or any advisor who gives you share tips on day to day basis with regular follow up till you call is open then it’s a money making machine.

Fix Your Daily Income Targets

Just fixed a daily income target like 5000 a day, once you reached that, exit your positions and stop trading. You will also have to set a loss target, in case your trades goes wrong, you may suffer loss, always trade with stop loss. Once stop loss triggers exit from that stock, Don’t listen to your heart that stop will again come to buying position, just square off all the open positions, and book loss. You have to have a good experience and control over your emotions to make money in Intraday Trading.

Risk in Intraday Trading

Day Trading can be risky for New Traders or Traders who don’t have proper experience in the Market. You should do proper research, look charts before trading in stocks. Sometimes Stock Market go down in seconds due to any major political or economic crises that may happen in India or any foreign Countries, that is out of our control. You have to put your Stop loss Order for every buy or sell that you do in intraday trading. If you are a member with Some Top Advisory Companies, they will keep updating you with market fluctuations and major happenings that impact market. You don’t have to keep watching cnbc tv for 8 to 10 hours or Read Financial news papers like economic times. They will keep you updating the happenings by sms. Now a day’s some Brokers give more margins, and people tend to trade more, thinking of making more by trading more. But if trade goes wrong, they can lose their entire capital or even have to pay off from their savings.

Money Making Intraday Trading Explained

Every Experience Trader has his own style of trading depending on his capital, risk ability and margin provided by his broking house. A Small trader with less knowledge, less experience and less capital will face more risk of losing money. There are many share tips providers who have their website. You can search intraday tips in Google to find best stock tips providers in India. First Get Trial from any of tips provider, Check there Past Performance, what they update on their site in your Trial Period. If you are satisfied then take their weekly or monthly package first, before you take their yearly package. Read Share Market Resources Online If you want to know more about share market and want to gain knowledge about the share market before you start trading in the market.

Very Important Rules for Day traders by Our Intraday Technical Team

  • Use Stop Loss and Strictly Don’t Change the Stop Loss, under any circumstances.
  • Learn from your losses as well as profits, every trade of yours will give some knowledge / experience.
  • Trade with the Market trend after predicting the same
  • Don’t overtrade then your limits, Don’t take loans to trade and invest in stock market.
  • Keeps aside your emotions, trade with your Brains and not you’re Heart.
  • Set your daily income and Loss targets, exit from all your positions , once your target either income or loss is reached.

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